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Our qualified inspection team maintains Tomi Engineering's commitment to perfection and customer satisfaction.


Coordinate Measuring Machine.


CMM equipmentOur coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is at the focal point of our quality room. Used in a temperature controlled environment, the CMM is capable of measuring close tolerance dimensions and is used to generate data for inspection reports.

The quality team is dedicated to producing all necessary certifications to insure traceability and adherence to customer specifications and requirements. With standard support inspection equipment, our qualified inspection team maintains Tomi Engineering's commitment to perfection and customer satisfaction.


Quality Control Equipment.


1 CMM - Zeiss Model DB4880 DCC
Measurement range X =80", Y = 48", Z 36"
System is complete with Virtual DMIS (v5.5) measuring software,
Verisurf (v9.1), Vectodrive postprocessor and Reinshaw PH-10 probe.

1 CMM - Mitutoyo Model 8706
Measurement range X =28", Y = 24", Z 18",
IBM PS12 50Z Computer System with QC 5000 software.
Total envelope accuracy of .0002.

1 48" x 72" Granite Surface Plate.

1 30" x 40" Granite Surface Plate.

1 24" Mitutoyo Dial Height Gage.

1 18" Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage.

1 12" Mitutoyo Dial Height Gage.

1 12" Mitutoyo Height Master.
Accuracy to .00001".

1 Mitutoyo digital Profilometer.

5 Sets of Inter Micrometers
.5000" to 3.600" dia. Increments of .0002".

1 Micro-Vu Comparator.

Micrometers 0.0" to 8.00".
Thread gages 0-80" thru 1 5/16" - 12".
Depth Micrometers 0.0" to 8.00".
Dial & Digital Calipers ranging from 0-6" to 0-18".
Inspection Grade Jo-Block .050" - 4.000".
Pin gages .011" dia. thru .750" dia.
1" X 1 1/2" X 8" Granite Parallels.
6" X 6" X 6" Granite Angle Plate.
Mitutoyo bore gages .700" dia. thru 2.400" dia.
Master Ring Gages .500" dia. thru 3.600" dia.


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Airbus Approvals

AIPI 01-01-004 Installation of Solid Rivets

AIPI 01-02-005 Preparation of Holes in Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Mixed (FRP/Mixed) Assemblies For Fastening

AIPI 01-02-008 Tightening Torques For Structural Fasteners

AIPI 01-02-017 General Assembly and Installation of Fasteners

AIPI 01-02-019 Installation of Bushes Shrink and Press Fit

AIPI 01-02-022 Installation of Threaded Cylindrical Fasteners

AIPI 03-03-012 Installation of Bearings, Spherical Bearings, and Bushes By Swaging

AIPI 03-07-002 Machining of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Components

AIPI 03-10-003 Rectification of Metallic Materials By 3 Point Bending

AIPI 05-05-001 Sealing of Aircraft Structure

AIPI 05-05-003 Surface Protection of Fasteners and Sealants By Application of Varnish

AIPI 05-05-004 Wet Installation of Fasteners

AIPI 05-05-009 Preservation of Cut Edges Of Carbon Fiber Composite Parts To Prevent Galvanic Corrosion On Attached Metal

AIPI 07-01-006 Electrical Bonding AIPI 07-01-022 Installation of ESN Flexible Junctions, Cables, and Raceways

AITM6-3005 Procedure For the Visual Inspection of Glass Fiber Transmitted Composites By Transmitted Light

AITM6-9007 ESN Flexible Junctions Measurement

AITM6-9008 Electrical Bonding: Measure Resistance of Electrical Bonding Points


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